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The Solution: Instant Hot Water

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Hot Water Recirculation

The Need:

Does this sound familiar? You wake up, turn on the shower, then… brush your teeth, lay out your clothes for the day, and make your bed all before the water is warm enough to get in. Wouldn’t you love to have hot water instantly at your fingertips? With a hot water recirculation pump, you can. Did you know that 60 feet of ¾” pipe contains approximately 1.5 gallons of water? A faucet this distance from the heat source must run for a full minute or more until hot water emerges. This is true for both tankless and tank type water heaters.

The Solution: Instant Hot Water

We highly recommend installing a recirculation pump for any property with over 60 feet of pipe between the water heater and the farthest fixture. It’s the smartest choice. No more wasting gallons of water and precious time waiting for hot water to come through the pipes.

How It Works

The D’MAND Kontrol System® is a small, silent pump attached to the hot and cold water lines. It can be discretely hidden inside cabinets, under the most remote fixtures in the home. You activate the D’MAND Kontrol System® with a simple push of a button. Instantly, the cool water, normally lost down the drain, is efficiently recirculated (up to 80% faster) back to the water heater through the cold water line. Depending on the plumbing layout, the route and time will vary. The D’MAND Kontrol System® replaces the cool water rapidly, allowing hot water to reach the fixture before any heat is lost through the pipe.

If your home is already plumbed with a dedicated return line, the pump will be installed at the water heater. When the system is activated, the pump will immediately fill the hot water line and push the hot water up to the fixture in seconds—not minutes—significantly reducing wait times and saving water.

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